Mid-America Judging Center
of the American Orchid Society
Mid-America Judging Center - 6 February 2016

Paphiopedilum Macbeth's Ghost
'Windy Hill' AM 81 pts.


Paph. Macabre x Paph. wardii

One flower on one inflorescence; sepals white striped apple green; petals light cordovan, darker warts on ciliate margins; pouch dark cordovan veined darker cordovan; staminode green overlaid cordovan; substance firm; texture waxy. Elevated from previous HCC/AOS of 79 points due to increase in size of flower and flower segments.

Exhibitor: Marilyn and Brian LeDoux, Labadie, MO

Nat. Spr.14.411.5
Lat. Sepal2.65.5