January 13Mid-America Judging Center
February 3Orchid Society of Greater St. Louis Show, 7:00 AM
March 2Orchid Society of the Ozarks Show, 1:00 PM
March 10Mid-America Judging Center
March 17Springfield Orchid Society Show, 7:30 AM
March 24Greater Omaha Orchid Society Show, 7:00 AM
April 14Mid-America Judging Center
May 12Mid-America Judging Center, Business Meeting
June 9Mid-America Judging Center
July 14Mid-America Judging Center
July 28Central Iowa Orchid Society Speakers Day 9:00 AM
August 11Mid-America Judging Center
September8Mid-America Judging Center
October 13Mid-America Judging Center
November 10Mid-America Judging Center, Business Meeting
December 8Mid-America Judging Center